With Unicorn products on the energy transition

It all started with a clever and sustainable energy storage system. Today, the company is one of the top suppliers in the industry with its self-produced fuel cell and other green technologies such as electrolysers.

The elegant solution for decentralized power generation

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology

Emission-free and sustainable - a technology that relies on raw materials available in Europe and protects people and the environment. One of our core competencies.

The advantages:

  • Hoher Wirkungsgrad
  • Wartungsarmer Betrieb
  • Dezentrale Stromerzeugung

Flexible energy storage solutions for industry and commerce

Our Industry Series energy storage products offer your company or business significant advantages over similar products on the market. Our storage solutions are based on our modular EnergyCube battery system and can therefore be scaled flexibly. The EnergyCube is a fully-fledged battery that also works outside the systems due to its integrated electronics. All relevant data is recorded, bundled and communicated to the outside world. This means that the memory can also be serviced externally.

The advantages:

  • 0.0 seconds Response time
  • Freely scalable
  • Housing up to IP54

Flexible storage solutions for the Smart Home

Individual EnergyCubes can be combined as required to form a home storage system. system. In this way, the modular energy storage systems can be flexibly and individually adapted to your needs. A technology that offers ``tomorrow`` today.

The advantages:

  • Multi-Use
  • Modular storage systems
  • Plug&Play

Innovative and modular energy
Storage systems

Die EnergyCubes können einzeln oder im Verbund in mobilen und stationären Anwendungen eingesetzt werden. The exchange of the EnergyCubes succeeds is by the innovative magnetic plug-in system in no time at all and therefore requires no technical knowledge at all.

The advantages:

  • Modular
  • Interchangeable
  • Easy
  • Future-proof

The smart and compact
Fuel cell

With the Unicorn Energy fuel cell you have your own compact power generator always with you and completely independent of the power grid. The fuel cell charges reliably, quietly and environmentally friendly all common 12 or 24 V battery types fully automatically.

The advantages:

  • A lot of power in a small space
  • Power in any weather
  • All around carefree!

Modern and highly efficient
Solar modules

Unicorn and its partners share more than 25 years of experience in the solar sector. As a result, the solar modules used are among the most powerful and highest-yielding ones on the market worldwide.

The advantages:

  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance
  • 15 years manufacturer warranty
  • Highest module performance through selected technologies and tested materials
  • Excellent low light performance
  • High quality junction box and connector systems

Standardized charging technology

Integrate your e-scooter and other light electric vehicles with the universal standardized EnergyLock plug. Easy and user-friendly power refueling.

The advantages:

  • Developed according to IEC TS 62196-4
  • Plug-and-Play
  • adjustable charging voltage, adjustable charging current
  • Lockable charging point
  • Integrated cable monitoring

Agri-PV system

Agriculture and solar energy - hand in hand for a sustainable future
Agri-PV systems offer a win-win situation for farmers, the environment and society. Invest in a sustainable future today!

The advantages:

  • Maximizing land use: Agri-PV systems combine agriculture and solar energy efficiently, optimizing land use and increasing yields.
  • Protection from weather extremes: The solar modules protect the plants growing underneath them from extreme weather conditions such as hail, heavy rain or excessive sunlight, thereby reducing crop failures.
  • Optimization of the water balance: Agri-PV systems offer improved water efficiency by reducing evaporation and the possibility of collecting rainwater and supplying it specifically to the plants.
  • Energy independence and security: The simultaneous production of food and renewable energy leads to greater energy independence and security for farmers and regions.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: The use of Agri-PV systems reduces CO2 emissions, which makes an important contribution to climate protection and sustainably protects the environment.
  • Biodiversity and habitat: Agri-PV systems can create habitats for a variety of plants and animals, thereby strengthening biodiversity and contributing to the preservation of ecosystems.
  • Local value creation: The construction and operation of agri-PV systems creates jobs and strengthens the local economy, which contributes to regional development.
Intelligent energy management solutions

Unicorn IoT Interface

Control everything from anywhere. A smart interface makes this possible. With the Unicorn platform, you as a company or end user have an interface for an overview of your energy management. Where the power comes from, where it goes. With one platform, you can bring about your digital energy transition easily, quickly and effectively. Everything at a glance.

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